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Planning and design

There is a difference both to your business and the planet if you do your planning properly and take it practice.

The difference in numbers can be huge. Here, consider cases for landscape and facilities:

Beef cattle farm, 368 heads

Planning objective: review setup of the pastures according to advance in compliance to lower CH4 and CO2 footprint. Feeding season lasts 6 months. Grazing area 280 ha.

Typical pasture before change:

Pasture before planning

Pasture during implementation of the project imperative:

Pasture during implementation

Project imperative in 10 years: 

Project imperative

Main principles:

  • The natural water sources restored strengthened in the pasture area;
  • Soil level for CH4 buffer zones was raised by 0.5-1m;
  • Spruce / fir tree accounts for 30-40% of woody plants in CH4 buffer zones;
  • Inserts from salvaged forest cover from planned logging sites was used for seedling soil to encourage spread of methane eating bacteria;
  • The pasture is divided into sections, which are opened for the cattle by rotation. This ensures a wider diet of cattle, a variety of nutrients, appropriate rest periods and sustainable life cycle for the vegetation in the pasture.

Cost of implementing CH4 zone:

  • CH4 buffering used up to 20% of pasture zone
  • Leveling efforts
  • Planting of trees 

Supporting facilities:

Mechanisation workshop from soviet era was reused for the needs of beef cattle farm.

2100 sq.m. storage and warehouse under renovated roof,
2 ha open concrete area,
fenced area,
video surveillance and security in entire area,
power 48 kW;
deep underground water well.