Welcome to the better world of cow

Start-A-Herd Package 

We ourselves came from different backgrounds than agriculture. 

One of us is a lawyer with a very successful boutique attorney office specialised in commercial law. Another is professional in architecture and arts with alternative education in animal breeding and training. Many years ago we’ve got tired of daily urban stress and came with the idea of running away from the city. So, we’ve pulled together our knowledge in different fields and started something new next to our existing businesses. We started a farm.

We’ve set our goals straight to dealing with the beef cattle of a very high quality pedigree. We’ve came over each step necessary to start a successful enterprise that would give a desired economical value. Today we are proud to share our knowledge of getting into agriculture from a different field and understanding the urges of a contemporary enterprise weighting a possibility of a start-up in a comparatively strange environment.

We know a critical task in setting up a business to validate, assess and develop the concepts and to find and use the best of opportunities. That's why House of Angus has developed the Start-a-Herd PackageTM specifically designed for enterprises willing to diversify and to expand in alternative direction.

It gives you the clearest, most in-depth view on all actions required right on time. Our analytics match your situation, properties available and plans with the tasks you need to complete now and alerts you on what you may need later. Whether it's change of feeding program, correction in ration, paddock expansion, water supply improvement or an instalment of a new genetic sample in the herd.

When you have a complete understanding of exactly what you have to do to rise the best quality beef cattle, you can keep the entire process calm and easy.

 When To Expect Return On Investment?

A well managed beef cattle farm as an investment could compete and most likely out perform in the asset appreciation category, rival that of the DOW for the last seven years. There are plenty of examples of such farms which 10% and better ROI has beat anything offered by most financial institutions.

So many people invest their money into the cattle and land part of the equation, but don’t invest their time or money into professional management. Looking at the cattle business from this angle, you cannot expect it to appear like a quality business venture unless you treat it like one.

However, there is a very strict rule to be obeyed. Beef cattle is profitable as long as raising it is kept as simple as possible. You have to remember that “war on cost” is one of the essentials for successful ranch management.